Founders and organizers

The "International Taras Shevchenko Unites Nations Contest" (hereinafter, the "Project") was initiated by People's Artist of Ukraine Halyna Yablonska, who also serves as Ambassador for Peace, and President of the "Mothers/Sisters for Youth of Ukraine" International League. The Project is held annually from March to May as part of "Ukraine-the World" with the assistance of the Ukraine's Ministry of Culture, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, the National Council of Women of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Cultural Fund, the Shevchenko National Reserve at Kaniv, the National Taras Shevchenko Museum, the Knowledge Society of Ukraine, and the All-Ukrainian Innovation Educational Platform "Stairs to the Future".

Contact for Organizing Committee

Тел.: (+38) 0687095146; (+38) 0954307058

е-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

The Main Idea of the Project

The idea of the appearance of Ukraine's nation prophet on the world level is dear, not only to Ukrainians, but reaches far beyond the country's borders.The depth and themes of his work reverberate in the hearts of people of different nationalities, as attested to translations into more than 150 languages and the 1,400 monuments erected in his honor in some 35 countries.

Purpose of the Project

To promote Ukraine internationally.

The objectives of the Project

To involve in the Project as many multilingual participants as possible from around the world.

To enlist the organizational and creative cooperation of Ukrainians from all over the world.

To introduce poets and literary figures of various nationalities to translations of Shevchenko's works.

To popularize the works of the great Ukrainian writer.

To interest the Project's participants in theatrical performances based on

the works of Taras Shevchenko, given that 2019 marks the 400th anniversary of Ukrainian theater.

To promote the patriotic education of young people, and to promote peace and harmony among peoples.

Conditions and procedures

Preparatory stage: The Central Organizing Committee recommends that local initiative groups in throughout Ukraine's regions and in various countries establish local organizing committees (LOC), which will coordinate and carry out Stages One and Two of the Project locally.

  • Registration of the Local Organizing Committees:

Stage One is dedicated to the anniversary of Taras Shevchenko's birth, which is held in various countries every March with artistic performances or "flash mobs", preferably near monuments, busts or portraits of Taras Shevchenko (for which participant registration is not required).


Stage Two is dedicated to the anniversary of Taras Shevchenko's liberation from serfdom and is held annually in April provides with a competition to select the winners to represent their country in Stage Three.

  • See "Registration of participants".

In April 2019 there will also be held the 25th All-Ukrainian Taras Shevchenko Open Reader Contest,in which representatives of Ukraine's various ethnic communities will participate, and the winners of which will represent Ukraine in Stage Three of the Project in May at a location and date to be announced approximately April 22.

Stage Three, dedicated to Taras Shevchenko's return to Ukraine, is held annually in May at Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

  • See "Registration of participants".
  • The exact location and date (approximately, May 21-24) will be announced later.

Focus on linguistic diversity: Cultural Dialogue

Representatives of various countries and nationalities are invited to participate in the contest in languages into which Shevchenko's works have been translated. Participants from Ukraine and the Ukrainian Diaspora may read either in Ukrainian or in another language. There is no age limit.

As part of "Cultural Dialogue" participants are also encouraged to read a work by their national luminary, which is close in spirit to the works of Shevchenko, in original language or in Ukrainian.


Participants are evaluated by a jury in following categories:

  • "Live Performance" (competitive). Reading, singing or theatrical performance in any language of Shevchenko's poetry, with preference given to singing and theatrical performance the last(includes the sub-category "Cultural Dialogue").
  • "Video Format" (competitive). Video recording of reading, singing or theatrical performance in any language of Shevchenko's poetry, as well as video recordings of flash mobs from Stage One, with requirements similar to "Live Performance" category (includes the sub-category "Cultural Dialogue").
  • "My Shevchenko"(competitive). As a result of the large number of submissions of works devoted to Shevchenko, this includes three sub-categories: "My Shevchenko: Literary", "My Shevchenko: Musical and Theatrical," and "My Shevchenko: in Art", i.e., drawings, photographs, embroidery, compositions, original literary and musical works, Shevchenko-inspired folk art, theatrical performances, and monologues related to Shevchenko's themes.
  • "Out of Time". Prominent events devoted to Shevchenko that require prolonged preparation,going beyond Project deadlines, for which the winner is announced during the year.
  •  "Memory". Rewardedto persons who have already passed away, but having left Shevchenko-inspired accomplishments to their descendant, for which the winner is announced during the year.

Useful links

· Official Project page on Facebook:

· Official website:

· Official channel on Youtube:

· Translations of Shevchenko's works in various languages and other information:

Registration of Participants

Foreign citizens and those reading Shevchenko in a foreign language - January 12 to May 12, 2019.

Ukrainians reading poetry in the original language -January 12 to April 12, 2019.

  • Participation in Stage Two is mandatory for all such participants, which is held together with the All-Ukrainian Taras Shevchenko Open Reader Contest.
  • Participants must submit the completed the Google Form questionnaire at

An acknowledgment of successful registration will be sent to participants by e-mail. Participants who have not received an acknowledgment of registration should send an e-mail message to the Project's Contact Center.

Cooperation with the Ukrainian Central Organizing Committee

Following registration, further involvement with the UCOC will be conducted according to the list of Project events (see Regulations) at the following web pages:

"Live Performance" and"My Shevchenko: Musical and Theatrical"at [email protected]

"Video Format" and "My Shevchenko: Literary" at [email protected]

"My Shevchenko: in Art"at [email protected]

"Out of Time" and "Memory"at[email protected]

The Jury

Jury members includes prominent art, literary and theater critics, actors, artists, writers, translators, journalists, researchers,and Ukrainian public figures.

The main evaluation criteria are the extent to which these submissions are able to explore the of Shevchenko's poetry and capture the spirit of his works (See list attached for each category).


The winners of categories "Live Performance", "Video Format" and "My Shevchenko" (results of Stage Three),winners for categories "Out of Time" and "Memory" (announced during the year), and detailed photo and video reports about Contest participants are published on Facebook, our website, Youtube,  the web resources of our media partners, and in periodicals and other print media in Ukraine.


In accordance with contest terms,awards in the various categories are as follows: "GRAN-PRI" Diploma (Gold Medal), Degree I Diploma (Silver Medal), "ARTISTIC HOPE" Diploma (Bronze Medal) and Degrees II-III Diploma. In addition, Certificates of Participation are presented to each participant, and Project activists receive acknowledgment in both press and electronic media, depending on the type of participation.


Personal.For the categories "Live Performance" and "My Shevchenko", certificates are presented personally to all participants immediately after their reading. Diplomas to winners are presented during the closing concert at Stage Three, as well as during the upcoming commemorative and artistic events (separate schedule).

Remote. Rewards are sent to foreign countries by either diplomatic or regular mail to the contact persons indicated in the application forms, after being scanned with photocopies sent to the e-mail addresses of participants indicated in the applications. Certificates for remote participation are sent to participants' e-mail addresses.

Reimbursement of expenses

Travel expenses of participants are not reimbursed.If necessary, the letters of assignment of participants and accompanying persons will be stamped to certify arrival at the contest venue and departure up on its completion.

Partners - Organizations

Kyiv Regional State Administration; Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater; M. Bazhan Library of Art (Kyiv); Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora (Kyiv); "Sumit-Book" Publishing House; Federation of Women "For World Peace"; "Family Affairs" Publishing House.

Attachments to Regulations

Attachments to the Regulations are posted on the official website at:

Attachment 1. Recommendations of Project founder, Halyna Yablonska

Attachment 2. Identification of nominations and performer categories

Attachments 3 and 4. Stages and Procedures for Cooperation of Ukrainian Central Organizing Committee and Local Organizing Committees (submissions of collective applications)

Attachment 5. What to know when submitting an individual application

Attachment 6. Contest results from previous years (report)